About Us

A Few Words About Us

Based in Cyprus, we aim to provide a tailored and cost-effective professional services to suit individual client’s needs. Every aspect of our service is concentrated on keeping you compliant with changing rules and professional standards, as well as helping you to achieve your business objectives.

Our team consists of audit accountants, tax accountants, lawyers and financial advisors; all of whom are highly trained in their chosen area of expertise. We are passionate about delivering a service that works to the benefit of each individual client. 

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Why investing in Cyprus

 Tax in Cyprus

Cyprus offers one of the most attractive tax regimes in Europe, fully compliant with EU, OECD and international laws and regulations.

 Legal and regulatory

Cyprus has a comprehensive legal structure which traces its origins to English common law practices. This structure is conducive to business because it promotes transparency and efficiency.


Geostrategic location offering market access to 500m EU consumers and close proximity to MENA.

European Union and Eurozone Membership

Cyprus gained full membership of the EU in May 2004 and officially adopted the use of the Euro as its single currency in 2008. This, in itself, is a vote of confidence that guarantees relative stability and safety for investors.